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In July of 2005, PUSHPA was incorporated as a 501(c)3 charitable organization by Franklin Gummadi and his wife, Shirley, to address a developing need in the Guntur region of India where Franklin was born.


At the time, the Indian government provided incentive for nomadic tribes in the Guntur district to abandon their migratory life style and settle into organized villages, challenging the tribal people to develop cooperative communities and transition to permanent homes and sustainable jobs.


Franklin and Shirley created the PUSHPA organization to help these people help themselves.

You may select the following link for more on the PUSHPA mission.

Creating Community
PUSHPA Projects

The PUSHPA mission has evolved during our many years of operation.  Always seeking to serve the people of the villages better, PUSHPA's focus has gradually shifted toward scholastic and vocational education to better prepare the youth of each village for the challenge of helping themselves. 

The evening schools and sewing schools have become PUSHPA's most successful initiatives. 

You may follow PUSHPA's historic journey by selecting the "Projects" link.

Amaravati Sewing Cntr3.JPG
PUSHPA Children.jpg
Future of the Community

Your contribution to PUSHPA goes a long way in India, not only because it will be sent half-way around the world, but also because a dollar in India does so much work.


Your donation is further magnified as PUSHPA partners with other NGOs, volunteers, and even the Indian government to increase the effectiveness of your generosity.


Thank you for considering our mission for your support.  

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