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Volunteer Opportunities

The photos below illustrate a PUSHPA mission on which five volunteers helped a village near Ganapavaram build ten latrines.

Accomplishing More With Partners

The above documented mission is an example of PUSHPA's use of collaboration to enhance the effectiveness of its effort. Global Citizens Network (GCN), which is an international humanitarian organization, teamed with PUSHPA to provide volunteers for this mission, while PUSHPA provided the logistics for the mission's success.

Over the course of many years, PUSHPA worked to establish trust with the people of this village, which enabled immediate acceptance of the GCN volunteers within the village. The volunteers experienced the satisfaction of working side by side with the villagers to accomplish a mutual goal; an ideal way to engender friendship, even in the absence of a common language.

For more information on the latrine project, follow this link: 

Volunteering isn't all work.
Watch the video below for an example.

The Hokey-Pokey also provides an excellent teaching method.

How can I help?

There are many ways to support the PUSHPA effort in India,

  for example:

  • Volunteers may serve on the PUSHPA board of directors in the United States or in India.

  • Mission volunteers: PUSHPA will continue to provide opportunities to serve on mission trips when the pandemic finally subsides. Past volunteers have been impressed by the beauty of rural India and the gracious nature of its people.

  • You may also support the PUSHPA mission with your contributions. Your dollar goes a long way in India. Your contribution will have a significant impact on the lives of many worthy families in the Guntur region.  

To volunteer or contribute please select this link.

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