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Recipes of South India

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The cuisine of south India relies largely on vegetables, although meat is often used to flavor a dish. Curries are commonly used to spice the meal. Many families in India use a curry recipe that has been handed down and improved over the course of many generations. A collection of family curries could easily fill a large recipe book of its own.

While there are many sources for Indian recipes available online, traditional "family recipes" of South India are scarce. We hope to fill that gap by posting recipes donated by our website visitors. We welcome you to add one or more of your favorite family recipes of South India to our list by contacting us at:

Be creative with your photo presentation of the finished meal. We intend to periodically replace the above photo with the best photos provided by our contributors.

As they are received, we will post your recipes below for the enjoyment of our visitors.

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