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Amaravti, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

In 2014, the state of Andhra Pradesh was divided into two separate states, Andhra and Telangana, requiring the creation of a new capital for Andhra Pradesh. The site chosen for the capital is Amaravati, which is also the location of PUSHPA's newest sewing center, and a PUSHPA evening school established in a community near the city.

The ambitious plan for the capital city rises in stark contrast to the challenging life in a PUSHPA village just a few kilometers away. If realized however, the dreams for Amaravati will provide an abundance of new construction jobs in the Guntur region and, eventually, will foster additional government careers in the district. A goal for our initiative called PUSHPA Vision 2031 is to prepare our evening school students for the type of career generated by the new capital city. You may preview the future of Amaravati by viewing the video below (best viewed in "Full Screen" mode).

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