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Visitor Comments & Contributions

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We are in the process of collecting contributions of your own observations and memories of India that would be of interest to other visitors of our web page, for example:
Provide an example of what makes India, and especially the Guntur region, so unique. 
Share a memory of a visit to India or a memorable experience with the PUSHPA mission.
Can you suggest strategies to make the long journey to India less stressful, such as:
  • best lay-over cities,
  • best routes,
  • best airlines,
  • ground travel recomendations,
  • strategies for dealing with jet-lag, etc.

What sites in India, especially in the Guntur region, are "must see" destinations?
We invite you to share one of your favorite recipes of South India.
Poems or other creative expressions of India are also encouraged.

Any other helpful suggestions or topics of interest are welcome.
This forum also provides another avenue for questions regarding India or the PUSHPA mission.
Submit your comments, contributions and questions to:
We hope you will enjoy the submitted contributions which will be posted below as they are received.
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