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Building a Latrine in India

A latrine in India is not simply an "outhouse." An Indian latrine is better described as an on-site sanitary facility. A latrine provides a safe and private area for toiletry and bathing, which is especially important for the woman of the village.

The project was coordinated by Johann Raj, who operates another NGO near Rajupalem called PADA (
People's Action for Development Alternatives). Johann often helps facilitate projects for PUSHPA and other volunteer organizations in the region.

  • Digging for the footings and reservoir, preparation of the reinforcing steel, handling of materials, and placement of concrete for the footings was conducted by the villagers and volunteers.
  • The concrete blocks used to construct the latrine were produced by local workers near the project site.
  • Construction of the masonry walls, concrete floors, and installation of fixtures provided work for several local masons.  

The photos below illustrate the procedure to construct such a facility. You may advance the photos using the navigation arrows.
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